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I have always been the quirky, sharp-tongued girl who never quite fit in. Life has always been a up, down, left and right for me and now, I just wanna put everything down and let go and just have fun. Any comments can be left at my email(one) b

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Sorry for the very very late update ~

Today i recieved all my clothes from my friend Lucy, yay!
I bought the clothes for winter from a site called Taobao. It is all in chinese so i had my friend and boyfriend help me translate things. I would recommend the site, it is like a chinese version of ebay but better. A word of caution, the clothes and items may not always seem like what is advertised + there is very little quality control.

Same goes for another set of clothes i receieved today from DHL which proved to be very exhausting! I missed the delivery on Thursday so i had to go on the DHL website to arrange for a pickup instead of a redelivery, HOWEVER..... when i clicked pick up, they sent me a confirmation saying they will delivery it to my house...! SO the next day i waited all day long for them to send it to me and no one came so i checked the tracker on the website and it states that they are waiting for me to pick it up. SUCH a big miscommunication there. So in the end i went over to their DHL express office to pick it up.

Another problem occurred, i tried to search the address which is located behind the left card thing and Google Map wouldnt even search it. No suburb name or postcode was even given on the card. Their information for the time the office closes is also wrong, the leaflet doesnt state the full address and their phone number just goes to an automated message indicating hat we have to go to the website to fill out the redelivery form. Bad service in my opinion...Finding their office was a task !

I also collected my jeans today from Jeanswest and guess what, they gave me the wrong bag. I didn't check it so thats my fault but they told me i dint need to give them the receipt or anything to collect them and they will "remember" which Jeans belong to me. Well they got it wrong, who would have thought that ! (total sarcasm)

Oh well just have to go back there and exchange them.
Anways it is time to sleeep !

OH and one more thing. I made a discovery today ! I thought Mecca Cosmetica is some dodgy make up store but when i went there it really isn't! They carry the Murad line + Stila Make up which i have been looking all over Perth for ! To all Stila & Murad users, Mecca is the place to go to !

Good night everyone !
10:25 AM


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