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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hi guys,

Sorry for the very late update as i have been very very busy at school lately.
I have got another review for you guys on St. Ives !

I recently bought an olive oil cleanser, it worked well for the first 2 days but then suddenly my skin started to feel irritated. I am not sure if it is my moisturizers, however i have used my Aveeno Positively Radiant & Chanel HydraMax for some time and incurred no problems so i suppose its the cleanser.

I am going to try it out again tomorrow just to be sure.
Ok well, the cleanser itself is not bad, my skin did feel a lot smoother after use but if you are like me and have sensitive skin i think sticking to Extra Virgin Oil which has no chemicals inside would be best. I just broke out and have sore patches around my face.

This is ruining my Birthday which is coming up soon !!

Oh well, lessoned learnt as a beauty craved person.
I like to try new things and collect make-up so i guess it comes with the trade.

Mmm, i have purchased a lot of make-up as well but i am waiting for that to arrive soon !
I will be checking the mail and once i get it and test it, i shall review it here =)

I will be posting some makeup pictures soon hopefully.
Check you guys later !~
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coming here soon =) For perfection, width should be about 190px or so.


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