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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hi everyone !

Sorry i have not posted in a while, i have been busy with Uni assignments lately.
Anyway, during this busy period i have been searching online stores for good quality make-up.
I googled and guess what, i came across a make-up forum :

This is a good forum site to check on all sorts of make-up, reliable online stores who actually ship internationally or within the US and i just bought a LOT of high-end makeup from a website called All Cosmetic Wholesale (just google that and the site will be the first one searched.)

They sell authentic high end make-up which have been discontinued in your local store or products which you can't get in your country. I have checked for reviews many times and all have responded saying they have bought products from there so please do check it out!

I found a MAC make-up LE bag which i bought about 3-4 years ago and got damaged on the way to AUS and now i can have it again for a CHEAPER price as well.

I'm very pleased at this discovery. Oh yes, i bought Almay's Smartshade make-up and its truly wonderful. I went to a friends house and they commented that the make-up foundation i wore was just so pretty, so i recommend this product to all make-up users out there!

Anyways, it is time for me to go again ~
Will be back soon with more reviews and discoveries.

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