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Monday, January 10, 2011

Hi everyone, so it seems like i left this blog to die haha, however i have decided to start writing again and stop procrastinating and just do it !

i started blogging at the tender age of sixteen and i can't seem to find an honest reason why i stopped. No matter why, i suppose my passion has always been there but because of the 'past' i decided to stop writing.

To start off this blog again i decided to pu together a ' 2010 in a box' post about all the ups and downs of what has been going on in the last year or so.

Updates to come !
3:18 AM

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hi guys,

Sorry for the very late update as i have been very very busy at school lately.
I have got another review for you guys on St. Ives !

I recently bought an olive oil cleanser, it worked well for the first 2 days but then suddenly my skin started to feel irritated. I am not sure if it is my moisturizers, however i have used my Aveeno Positively Radiant & Chanel HydraMax for some time and incurred no problems so i suppose its the cleanser.

I am going to try it out again tomorrow just to be sure.
Ok well, the cleanser itself is not bad, my skin did feel a lot smoother after use but if you are like me and have sensitive skin i think sticking to Extra Virgin Oil which has no chemicals inside would be best. I just broke out and have sore patches around my face.

This is ruining my Birthday which is coming up soon !!

Oh well, lessoned learnt as a beauty craved person.
I like to try new things and collect make-up so i guess it comes with the trade.

Mmm, i have purchased a lot of make-up as well but i am waiting for that to arrive soon !
I will be checking the mail and once i get it and test it, i shall review it here =)

I will be posting some makeup pictures soon hopefully.
Check you guys later !~
1:20 PM

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hi everyone !

Sorry i have not posted in a while, i have been busy with Uni assignments lately.
Anyway, during this busy period i have been searching online stores for good quality make-up.
I googled and guess what, i came across a make-up forum :

This is a good forum site to check on all sorts of make-up, reliable online stores who actually ship internationally or within the US and i just bought a LOT of high-end makeup from a website called All Cosmetic Wholesale (just google that and the site will be the first one searched.)

They sell authentic high end make-up which have been discontinued in your local store or products which you can't get in your country. I have checked for reviews many times and all have responded saying they have bought products from there so please do check it out!

I found a MAC make-up LE bag which i bought about 3-4 years ago and got damaged on the way to AUS and now i can have it again for a CHEAPER price as well.

I'm very pleased at this discovery. Oh yes, i bought Almay's Smartshade make-up and its truly wonderful. I went to a friends house and they commented that the make-up foundation i wore was just so pretty, so i recommend this product to all make-up users out there!

Anyways, it is time for me to go again ~
Will be back soon with more reviews and discoveries.

5:48 PM

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sorry for the very very late update ~

Today i recieved all my clothes from my friend Lucy, yay!
I bought the clothes for winter from a site called Taobao. It is all in chinese so i had my friend and boyfriend help me translate things. I would recommend the site, it is like a chinese version of ebay but better. A word of caution, the clothes and items may not always seem like what is advertised + there is very little quality control.

Same goes for another set of clothes i receieved today from DHL which proved to be very exhausting! I missed the delivery on Thursday so i had to go on the DHL website to arrange for a pickup instead of a redelivery, HOWEVER..... when i clicked pick up, they sent me a confirmation saying they will delivery it to my house...! SO the next day i waited all day long for them to send it to me and no one came so i checked the tracker on the website and it states that they are waiting for me to pick it up. SUCH a big miscommunication there. So in the end i went over to their DHL express office to pick it up.

Another problem occurred, i tried to search the address which is located behind the left card thing and Google Map wouldnt even search it. No suburb name or postcode was even given on the card. Their information for the time the office closes is also wrong, the leaflet doesnt state the full address and their phone number just goes to an automated message indicating hat we have to go to the website to fill out the redelivery form. Bad service in my opinion...Finding their office was a task !

I also collected my jeans today from Jeanswest and guess what, they gave me the wrong bag. I didn't check it so thats my fault but they told me i dint need to give them the receipt or anything to collect them and they will "remember" which Jeans belong to me. Well they got it wrong, who would have thought that ! (total sarcasm)

Oh well just have to go back there and exchange them.
Anways it is time to sleeep !

OH and one more thing. I made a discovery today ! I thought Mecca Cosmetica is some dodgy make up store but when i went there it really isn't! They carry the Murad line + Stila Make up which i have been looking all over Perth for ! To all Stila & Murad users, Mecca is the place to go to !

Good night everyone !
10:25 AM

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ok, so i tried the product( the all natural make up remover) and it didnt actually work, or i might have done it wrong but well, i think im going to go back home and stick with the shu uemura remover from now on.

I tried on the moisturizer and applied my foundation and concealer, it wasnt too heavy but i think the light reflecting minerals in the moisturizer would not fit picture taking. I would get a normal light moisturizer for clubbing purposes ! - i looked like a ghost with flash.

I am currently doing a mud mask, which i bought half a year ago at Seacret Spa, a brand which provides dead sea mineral products. I find that the pricing is very expensive it cost just about 200+ AUD for the Mask and Facial Peeling Milk. I have to give credit to them that the product is very good but i still prefer Murad Skin care over them at about more half the price. For 1 set which includes, a T-zone treatment gel, Facial Wash + Toner in one and a Moisturizing cream all just for USD$91(promotion, normal is $98) - This is the pomegranate vitalic regime perfect for Combination skin.

I used to use the acne treatment from Murad for oily skin and it cleared my skin, i did do a few facials from them as well which really helped quicken the process but none the less, it is a product i really recommend to girls and even guys !

It may be a bit pricy as well but it lasts very long just like Seacret Spa and it does the job just as good. I think Seacret Spa is just for relaxation while Murad is a combined version of treatment + relaxation.

I woudn't even recommend proactive. Been there, tried it, dumped it. It wasn't even good and it made my breakouts worse the first few weeks. So acne-prone skin people give it a try, can't afford it? Then i would recommend Neutrogena as a second option.

For me, Neutrogena didn't work but i use Clean & Clear or Simple which are also really good products. I wouldn't really recommened Clean & Clear for frequent users as it tends to dry out the skin quite a lot. Simple is very light on the face and their moisturizers are very hydrating. Unfortunately most of the Simple products are only available in the UK and they don't have the range i am looking for in Australia so Clean & Clear it is.

Thats it for today. Hope you guys give the products a try one day. I am not trying to improve their sales, i am just letting you know from my own experience what has worked for me and has not worked. However everyone is different so try to change products around after 1-2 months and see which care works best for you.

Oh p.s don't use Garnier. Their facial wipes are horrid and it makes my skin itchy and red. Stick to oil based non pore clogging make up removers. It softens and is not harsh on the skin.

8:17 AM

I have been busy the past few weeks to even set up this blog !
Anyway, im gonna just post about some things that i have been doing, things that have happened and its just basically about my life, what i've learnt and want to share with you.

These are just a few photos of what i have been up to these few months/ weeks.
I got coloured contacts recently because i have always wanted to try them and its actually really cool. The one thing i find is that its much comfier to wear than normal monthly contacts. I used to use acuvue bi-weekly once and they don't even last more than a week.

They are Geo Lenses which is one of the best cosmetic lenses, so i do recommend them. I have mine is Geo Angel Brown and Grey. I have yet to try other colours or brands....but i have to start labeling all my contacts cases now to know which ones are what brand and what power so i dont get confused.

I also made dumplings a couple of weeks ago ! it turned out alright for soups but not fried, so i bought another skin to test out !


Hehe i made muffins as well, i am kinda too lazy to post a picture of it.
I did buy the most amazing shoe today thought, i have a feeling it will be one of my favourite shoes for winter.


I actually bought Chanel's Hydra Max moisturizer and i have to say it is a good product, but it does have it's limitations. For people who live in countries where the weather changes a lot, or gets really dry during winter, its really good for the skin. However, it is really heavy on the skin, especially if you apply foundation on as well. I use Chanel's Teint Innocence liquid foundation and that on its own is already quite heavy but its really good for coverage and blending. I wouldn't recommend using the two together, unless your skin is very very dry and the whether is dry too. Teint Innocence is good for dry skin or combination skin but its just a bit too heavy.

Therefore, just because of this problem that i have, i bought Aveeno's Active Naturals daily moisturizer which is a light, natural product which is SPF 15( Chanels foundation is SPF 12) , not even good enough for Australia's harsh weather so i recommend buying something with a higher SPF. I am yet to try this product, so the results will be on my next post.

I also bought Yes To Carrots "Can you C Me" Makeup remover, the lady at the pharmacy told me its a vegan all natural product, so Vegan's out there give it a try.

I think this is all for now, see you guys later and watch out for my next post!

4:42 AM


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